Viron Land Rover Kerho 20 - vuotisjuhla 2018

Paikka kaikille tapahtuma ilmoituksille ympäri maan. Tänne retket reissut ja kaikille avoimet safarit. Alueelliset kuukausitapahtumat omien alueiden alle.

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Viron Land Rover Kerho 20 - vuotisjuhla 2018

Viesti Kirjoittaja Landy » 15 Tammi 2018, 20:24

Viron Land Rover Kerho 20 - vuotisjuhla 2018
Estonian Land Rover Club 20th anniversary meet 2018

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Estonian Land Rover Club (ELRK)!

Although the actual date when the club was established was on the April of 1998, we invite you to celebrate the anniversary of the ELRK on 26. – 29. Of july 2018 in Aegviidu, Harju parish, Estonia.

To celebrate this event we have prepared an event worthy of the celebration. The program includes: competitions, games, greenlaning, educational courses, music and prizes, Land Rover themed movies and videos and lots of other interesting stuff to see and do. Also, in the evenings, an Off-Road bar will be open.

We expect to see at least 100 cars participating from Estonia and abroad.

The event is open to all enthusiasts of Land Rover, regardless of their Land Rover’s year of mfg. and model or the membership of the club. Or even, if they are still in the process of acquiring such a vehicle.

To better plan the event it is vital that we know the participants numbers in advance as accurately as possible. For this we kindly ask everyone to register for the event as early as they can.

We are hoping to see you all there!

For more information and registration please visit special website

Kaikki on tervetullut!
Kristjan (+372)5010599,
SERIES II A 109"( '70 ) & LR90 ( '88 )

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Re: Viron Land Rover Kerho 20 - vuotisjuhla 2018

Viesti Kirjoittaja JariJ » 02 Helmi 2018, 18:18

I have old jeep wagoneer, but if i can keep my holiday end of July, I will come and join your celebration
I just sent registration.
- Elämä on pelkkää säätöä -

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Re: Viron Land Rover Kerho 20 - vuotisjuhla 2018

Viesti Kirjoittaja Landy » 12 Kesä 2018, 23:21

Aroisat Landikan fannit, edustako Suomen lahten pohjois puolella Land Rover ystävia meitään tapahtummalla vain yksi Jeepi? :roll:

NB! Tapahtuma aika on muutunut!

Dear guest and attendees of „Estonian Land Rover Club 20 International Meeting“

We hereby inform you that there has been a change in the program of the 20th anniversary event.

The organizing team has decided to shorten the program of the event by one day. Therefore, the event shall take place from the 27th July to 29th July 2018. The decision was taken to minimize the financial risk to the club stemming form fewer pre-registered participants than expected. Naturally this will have an effect on the program of the event and participation fees. The new program and revised fees can be seen on the homepage of the event

We shall personally get in touch with everybody that has already pre-registered and if necessary reimburse any pre-paid fees. Also all the foreign visitors who are unable to change their travel plans shall be provided with a camping site and entertainment on the 26th of July.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the organizing team:

We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this change may have caused.

Still waiting to see you at the event, the organizing team:

Kristjan Vaarmann
Mairold Metsaviir
Erik Amann
Rannar Meresaar

MTÜ Eesti Land Rover'i Klubi/NPO Estonian Land Rover Club
Kristjan (+372)5010599,
SERIES II A 109"( '70 ) & LR90 ( '88 )

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